HR 2

HR 2

As the manager of human resources (HR), the firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) frequently asks you to describe what issues may arise in the workplace as a result of increasing diversity of the workplace. This will enable him to be better prepared to address these issues. For example if a particular religious minority will be increasing in size in the local community, this will probably be reflected in your workforce, and the CEO would like to train the supervisors in any issues that may be encountered.

From any of the following changes in workforce demographics that you may have observed in your work experience, describe how those changes may have specifically impacted productivity, group behavior and teamwork, work assignments, and any other area on which you would like to comment.

Sources of these demographic changes may include race, religious, age, and gender.

Possible sources to use for gathering your information could be as follows:

  • Your current or prior work experience
  • Anecdotes from family and friends who have long work experiences

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