Case Study Analysis.

Unit III Research Paper

Research Process at Work

The research firm Cheskin is described on page 144 of the textbook. Cheskin is a business research firm that uses various methodologies described in the textbook.

Visit the Cheskin site at:

Select three case studies and identify:

a. The basic approach used in the study;

b. The sources of data used in the study; and

c. The methodology and process followed in the case (to the extent that it can be determined from the case summary).

Identify which case you found to be most useful and summarize all of your findings in a two-page APA formatted paper.

Other Information


Cheskin change its name to Added Value. Also I have gone ahead and selected 3 mini cases from the website and I have included page 144 of the textbook in the attachments. The instructions should be sufficient.


Lastly, be knowledgeable about the subject matter and ensure that you understand the requirements before you send handshake.



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