Writing assignment Request to conduct research

Writing assignment Request to conduct research

This will be Part 1 of a 2 Part writing assignment. I will want one person to do both writing assignments so they know what they are writing on in part 2. I only need Part 1 right now. I have attached the directions below for both parts so that you can see what it contains. I have highlighted what part 1 needs.


A major assignment for this course is the Research Report. The Research Report presents a problem, researches the problem, and offers a solution/recommendations based on that research.  To write the Research Report, select an issue or problem that you would like to research and for which you believe you will be able to develop and offer a solution.


Then, in preparation to write that report, develop and prepare a formal Request to Conduct Research (Assignment 3). The Request to Conduct Research introduces the issue, problem or topic that you would like to research, and discusses how you will go about conducting that research. The proposal presents the research question, identifies the methods you will use to collect research, sets out the timeline for the research, and justifies the value of the project. An effective research proposal allows you to describe the topic, outline the research required to address the topic, establish the parameters for completing the research, and support the value of this research by documenting the benefits from learning more about the topic. Researching an issue or problem is a technical writing task you might easily be asked to complete for your job. In the workplace, you might write a memo to your supervisor identifying an issue and proposing a way to go about solving that issue, or you might focus on a problem and request permission and resources to learn more about the problem and to develop a solution or a way to address it. A Request to Conduct Research is a real-world application of writing constructs.


This assignment addresses the following course outcomes:

·    Evaluate and apply the standards, forms, conventions, and technologies of writing

·    C  Communicate information effectively to a variety of audiences

·    A Analyze communication scenarios, and design and develop appropriate and effective technical document

After completing this assignment, you will be able to:

·         Identify the parts of a research request

·        Write a clear and concise research problem statement

·         Prepare a timeline to accomplish research

·         Discuss appropriate methodology for research

·          Apply techniques in technical writing to tasks on the job


The Request to Conduct Research prepares you to complete Assignment 5, the Research Report, which will be a 5 to 7 page formal report.  Requirements for the Request to Conduct Research include each of the following:


·           Statement of the problem or topic the research will address

·           Purpose or value of the research (what will be accomplished)

·           Discussion of methodology, or the way you will conduct the research

·            Timeline for conducting the research

·           Annotated bibliography (cite source and provide brief description of the contribution of the source

·            in your project) of at least 3 scholarly sources listed in appropriate APA format

·          500 – 700 words (min/max)


Grading Criteria

·         Demonstrates the standards of effective written English

·           Is free from grammar and mechanical problems

·         Meets format and content criteria

·         Uses correct APA format

·         Presents research problem clearly, encouraging acceptance of the proposal

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