write reflection for Comm class

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write reflection for Comm class

write reflection about my speech and how  i did for this semester for my communication class.

one page 

show that

  1. before i did my first speesh i thought i will be afraid but i did it very good.
  2. my first speech was about who i am i. it was easy and i felt comfortable becaose it wasImprovisation i didnt use any power point or papers.
  3. my secound speech was informative speech my topic was about  “cosmetic sergury” i didnt do very well my contact with audience was not that good.
  4. my third speech was about prusacive speech my topic was “Does the media give the women unattinable  idea of beauty” also it was better than the seond one.

so i want you to say that

in my second and third speech ididnt do well because it was defficult for me to stand afrot the auduince and speake also when i speak afront them my hand and my voice are shacking. and also because i am international student i dont feel comfortable becase some time i speak the words wrong .

finaaly say any thing you thing as helpfull for me in this class and how it will effect on my future.

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