Write at least two pages summary (double-spaced)

Read the chapter number 23 named “The Great Depression” of the textbook “The Unfinished Nation” seventh edition by Alain Brinkley and summarize the chapter. you should provide a detailed summary of the chapter (and do not quote blocks of text from your book…put this summary ENTIRELY in your own words!!!). 1 inch margins all around (typed in Times New Roman Font, 12 point). Double-space your summary, and write in complete sentences (do not give summaries in an outline form).  Each of these summaries must be at least 2 FULL typed pages.


In these summaries, pay particular attention to the main points the textbook makes.  Do not try to give me every little detail—just the main points.  The phrases the textbook highlights are particularly important, so be sure to include some discussion of those words and phrases


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