Write a Java applet that views, inserts, and updates staff information stored in a table Staff

Write a Java applet that views, inserts, and updates staff information stored in a table Staff in an Oracle Database as shown in Figure 1. The View button displays a record with a specified ID. The Staff table is created as shown in Figure 2.





Figure 1 the applet lets you view, insert, and update staff information.



Create table Staff (

id char(9) NOT NULL,

lastName VARCHAR2(15),

firstName VARCHAR2(15),

mi char(10),

address VARCHAR2(20),

city VARCHAR2(20),

state char(2),

telephone char(10),

email VARCHAR2(40),



HW4 figure

Figure 2 A table Stuff

Homework Submission / Deliverables

NOTE: All the required files should be submitted in your assignment folder in one zip file named StudentFirstInitialStudentLastNameHW4.zip.(For example, awebbHW4.zip):

  1. Design Diagram demonstrating the architecture of the application
  2. a zip file of your Netbeans project and any additional files if required
  3. Word document including:
    1. Test plan (steps and scenarios including data be used for testing);
    2. Screen snapshots of each of your test cases (provide input parameters and screenshots demonstrating the results)
  4. Description of the architecture that you implemented
  5. description of how to set up your application
    1. this description should include all steps starting from how to open your project in NetBeans, how to compile, how to run locally, version of the Netbeans, Application Server used (Tomcat or Glassfish), how to start GlassFish/Tomcat from the netbeans (if applicable)
  6. a description of the Tools and architecture that you implemented, such as
    1. user will open IE and invoke index.jsp located in xxx, index.jsp has an HREF that includes a location of the servlet
    2. the servlet URL is defined in web.xml and etc
  7. SQL Scripts and How to execute them.

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