Work and Power Calculations

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Work and Power Calculations

Work and Power Practice Calculations

         W = Fd                    P = W/t                      

1.       A force of 20 N was used to push a box along the floor a distance of 6 m. How much work was done?

2.       It took 60 J to push a table 2 m across the floor. With what force was the table pushed?

3.       If 350 J of work are used to lift a 85 N box, how high is the box lifted?

4.       How much power is used if a force of 45 N is used to push a box of books a distance of 9 m in 10 s?

5.       How much work is done using a 500 watt microwave for 2 minutes (120 seconds)?

6.       How long would it take a crane to do 550 J of work while using a power of 310 watts?

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