Why is the systems development life cycle important?

Professor request to this assignment is “When jumping into this question, I want you to not only understand why a development lifecycle is important, but what types of lifecycle processes are available. This may or  may not be in your materials, Make sure you understand the types of lifecycle choices, what types of projects are better suited, and what types of organizations do well with which ones. There is no longer a “one size fits all” approach, and thanks to the healthcare.gov event that happened last year, many of us were given quite a crash course in what happens when technology, processes, vendors and government do not connect, communicate or collaborate. What results is technology that does a very narrow spectrum of what it was defined to do, in a very limited number of people and scenarios, with the rest of reality throwing us all for a loop.


So, while you are reading and researching, I challenge you to look into the following:

– Iterative development

– Waterfall

– Agile


– Extreme programming


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