Week 1 & 2 Application

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Week 1 & 2 Application

Application: Topics in Educational Psychology: Delving Deeper


Educational psychology, as your text explains, is a discipline concerned with using research to understand and improve learning. Throughout this course, you will be studying many topics related to effective teaching and the ways children learn that are (or have been) influenced by research based in the field of educational psychology. This Application assignment, which is divided into weekly tasks, will provide you with the opportunities to learn more about a topic that is of particular interest to you and to hone your writing skills. Throughout the next six weeks, you will:

  • Week 1: Review the list of topics below and explore a few that are of interest to you using the databases located in the Walden University library. Decide on one topic and carefully select two professional articles related to the topic you have chosen that you would like to read.

Week 1: Choose a Topic and Select Two Articles

Piaget’s theories


Searching the Databases




At the library, click on “Research Databases” and then “Databases by Subject” to find the recommended databases for Education. Begin by searching the ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) and Education: A SAGE Full-Text Collection databases. Please note that you must obtain the full text of the articles you select. It is not appropriate to use abstracts for this assignment.


Application: Topics in Educational Psychology: Delving Deeper




Week 2: Writing APA Citations

You have now chosen a topic and located two professional articles that you would like to read and think about. Your assignment this week is to write APA citations for each of these articles. Use the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students as a resource for completing your assignment.

Submit your selected topic and both APA citations for instructor feedback.




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