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website scenerio

Imagine you are the owner of an Internet startup company gearing up to launch a brand new website. In 250 words or more, describe each part of the project management as it relates to Web development.

Below are a couple of typical questions that might be asked for each of these seven areas for you to consider in your post.

1) create and document an initial web site plan
— who should create this plan?
— what is the purpose of planning a website?
— what questions should be answered in the plan?

2) obtain relevant input from stakeholders
— who should decide how the site looks?
— who shouldn’t decide how the site looks?

3) communicate the website plan
— who should you communicate the plan to?
— in what ways can we effectively communicate our plan?

4) consider technical and non-technical solutions
— what can you do to ensure that your technical team has all their questions answered?

5) develop the site
— who should develop the site?
— where can you find employees to code the site?
— what language is the site going to be developed in?

6) publish the site
— where can you find web hosting?
— what security concerns should you consider?

7) manage the site
— how often should the site be updated?

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