When considering magazines like National Geographic, or social media like Pinterest, it becomes evident that photography plays an instrumental role in visual communication. However, creating an impactful photograph is not always easy. 

Your textbook explains the importance of design and composition in successful photography. For this discussion, locate a photograph (either on the Web or in print) that strategically uses at least three elements of design (e.g., balance, color, asymmetry, etc.). Then, paste a link to the photograph (or, if it is in print, upload a scanned copy to the discussion forum or the web), and explain which elements are utilized, and how they affect the overall impact and message of the photograph. 

Possible Resources



Link to Photohttp://photography.nationalgeographic.com/photography/photo-of-the-day/svartifoss-waterfall-iceland/

I chose photograph of Svartifoss, Iceland, taken by Giacomo Ciangottini, and displayed on the Photo of the Day section of the National Geographic website. 

This photograph utilizes asymmetry (particularly, the rule of thirds) with the waterfall on the left. This asymmetry is balanced by the dark section of rock in the upper right corner of the image. The photograph also utilizes line, in that the waterfall, the lines in the cliff, and the slope of the area around the lake all work together to guide the eye from the upper left, directly down the photograph, and toward the bottom right. Finally, its use of color conveys an overall impression of a natural, albeit, majestic scene. 

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers with feedback on their analysis of the photograph they selected. Do you see the same design elements they did? Do you agree with their interpretation of how these elements impact the overall photograph? Can you find any additional design elements they did not address in their post? 

*Note: If you select a photo from National Geographic’s Photo of the Day, be sure the URL contains the photo’s name (particularly if you are selecting “today’s” photo). For example, notice the URL in the sample above contains “svartifoss-waterfall-iceland” at the end. You may need to click on the actual photo to ensure you have the correct URL. 

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