very long assignment on aplia related question that need to be answerd in each one, there is 1 to 6 questions need to be done after reading the paragraphs with instructions 




Understanding, Outlining, and Summarizing Longer ReadingsNot Started

1: Understanding Longer Readings                         

2: Thinking about Purpose – Part 1                       

3: Thinking about Purpose – Part 2                         

4: Outlining Longer Readings                     

5: Summarizing Longer Readings              

6: Building Vocabulary Words                    

7: Reviewing with Longer Readings


Focusing More on Purpose and ToneNot Started

1: Make a Prediction about Purpose                       

2: The Main Idea Is Usually the Clincher                

3: Purpose and Figurative Language                     

4: Pros and Cons                    

5: Tone, Persuasion, and Bias                       

6: Considering Textbook Neutrality                       

7: Irony and Persuasion                    

8: Building Vocabulary Words


Analyzing Arguments

1: Opinions are the Foundations of Arguments               

2: Five Common Types of Support             

3: Flawed Arguments                      

4: Identifying the Opposing Point of View            

5: More About Recognizing When Bias Becomes Excessive                    

6: Putting It All Together

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