URGENT: Managing Innovation Assignment

This is a Managing Innovation Course. As noted this is urgent assignment and its due in less then 48 hours. Here are the tasks and agreements details.


Task 1
After reading the case study (PDF file Attachment) and watching the video Genesis Genomics 
https://vimeo.com/58268079 write a short comment on the caste study and video.
150 words and provide at least one references.
Task 2 (
Read the case study and the discuss the following)
Describe one venture capital investment that was successful and one that failed. Explain reasons for each. (150 words)
150 words and provide at least one references. 
Task 3 
This is a weekly summary exercise where the summary must contain:
Highlight what you learned, missed, or wished you had covered.
Learning Objectives for Week 1:

· Recognize the importance of innovation

· Explain the meaning and nature of innovation management

· Provide an introduction to a management approach to innovation.

· Appreciate the complex nature of the management of innovation within organizations

· Describe the changing views of innovation over time

· Recognize the role of key individuals within the process

· Recognize the need to view innovation as a management process


200 words and provide at least one references.




To sum it all, there are a total of 3 TASKS and the references must be in APA Format. Since this is a short writing assignment there is no need for writing format (eg.double space/single space).


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