Training Concepts

Answer each of the following in one or two paragraphs

1. List and define the four types of training objectives, and give an example of each. Your examples must include the objective’s desired outcome, conditions, and standards

2. Pete is the VP of Manufacturing. He wants to use reinforcement theory to motivate his production managers. Define and give examples of how he can use positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement, punishment, and extinction to motivate his production managers.

3. List and describe the four management styles and give an example of something that a manager with that style would do in the workplace.


Answer each of the following in one to four sentences

1. What are the four different types of outcome data that should be recorded

2. Identify the desired behavior, the condition, and the standard in the following learning objective, “Using a calculator, the trainee will determine the cosine of 72 by following the instructions listed in the user’s manual.

3.What are the three classifications of learning outcomes?

4. Define declarative knowledge and procedural knowledge, and give an example of each.

5. What are the four main outcomes of orientation training that can directly save an organization money?

6. What are the factors that determine performance?

7.List the benefits of case studies as training tools.

8. List and define the three types of analysis that occur during the training needs analysis.

9. What is the difference between and executive/management education program and a corporate university?

10. What types of jobs would use virtual reality as a training tool?


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