there is two parts second part is due July 27

 First of ALL :::: 



Rhetorical Analysis Essay Outline

Add an introduction that includes:

o stat, quote, question, anecdote o the background information
o article title
o author’s name

o a thesis that suggests the author uses rhetorical moves


Answer all of the following bullet points in your essay.
Use examples from your article and cite to support your claims in each paragraph. Note how
each “claim” is rhetorical.
Who is the author/speaker?

o What is the author’s academic/professional ethos?

o Does the speaker’s reputation convey a certain authority? What is the rhetorical situation?

o What is the occasion (significant moment) that gave rise to the composition of this reading?

What is his/her intention in speaking? (Pick one…)
o To defend or attack, exhort or dissuade, praise or blame, teach or persuade,

Who makes up the audience?

o Who is the intended audience?

o Why did the author choose this audience? What is the content of the reading?

o Can you summarize the main idea? o Give examples of:

  •   Ethos (Yes, a different area: Experience that connects them with the audience)

  •   Logos (Facts, statistics, research)

  •   Pathos (“I am like you.” Emotion that connects them with their


What year was this article published?

o Is the article relevant/timely?
What does the topic reveal about our culture?

o Values? o Customs?

Consider your findings.







Then :::::  



Eastern Washington University Kathy L. Rowley, M.A. Comp 201

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment

To write a 3-5 page Rhetorical Analysis Essay in MLA style about the article you signed up for located on the class web site under Readings and Discussions.

To add a creative title.
To cite quotes, summaries, and/or paraphrases.
To analyze findings.
To a
void making judgment statements such as: “The author did a good job.” To attach a Works Cited page.


Use the outline posted in the Rhetorical Analysis Module to organize your writing for this assignment.

Answer each bulleted question in the order of the outline.


By the end of your Rhetorical Analysis Essay, you should have a strong sense about the person who wrote your article, why they wrote it, their audience, and what techniques they used to argue their position.





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