theology paper

Redemption and Stopping the Violence

What do Christian views on the possibility of redemption have to do with stopping violence? Kennedy’s discussion of the intervention in High Point, North Carolina is soaked in the language of reconciliation and redemption.  Do Christian views on how God responds to sin shed any light on this process of stopping inner-city violence in America?  Make sure to explain the particular view of justification or redemption you are discussing, make references to the source readings on “Justification” and Don’t Shoot, and include your own experiences and thinking on this topic.

-10 to -20 pts:    Writing Problems (mistakes in grammar, spelling or tone that distract from the content of the paper)

-10 to -20 pts:    Structural Problems (thesis vague or purely informational, essay organization does not support thesis)

-5 to -20 pts:       Source Problems (misrepresentation of source views, incomplete or unclear citation)

                *Not citing one’s sources may constitute plagiarism and be grounds for rejecting the paper.


-5 pts/day:          Late Penalty

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