The Health Care Industry – Provider Organizations

The Health Care Industry – Provider Organizations

PowerPoint presentation of 6–10 slides (not including title/reference slides); with speaker notes 


Healing Hands Hospital is a large medical center located in a similar area to another Catholic acute-care community hospital. Both facilities are very resourceful to the communities they serve; however, their business and fundamental practices are different. Healing Hands’ vice president of operation is creating a new strategy and would like to understand the fundamental practices of the Catholic acute-care community hospital.

You have been asked to research the differences between the services that your organization offers and those that the Catholic acute-care hospital offers. For the purposes of this assignment, select 2 hospitals on the Web that are in the same city or area. They should both be acute-care community hospitals of similar bed sizes, but 1 should be managed by a religious order. Review the Web information on these facilities.

Describe the similarities and differences of these organizations in terms of the following:


  • ·         Mission
  • ·         Goals
  • ·         Objectives
  • ·         Management structure
  • ·         Staffing
  • ·         Policies
  • ·         Procedures


Include 2–3 outside sources, and be sure to document your references using APA format.


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