Thank You all

Thank You everyone you all are so very Talented and I am so BLESSED to have all of you behind me,,,with that being said Rey Writer has been with me through quite a bit so I hired him for both classes he is fair and he is not out to take all my money, I am a single Grand Parent with a 5 year old with severe disabilities, and I have my share of major issues I have to be Operated on next week and wiil be in ICU for a week, and I feel confident I can depend on Rey, yes he can stress me out but when it finally comes down to the final wire he does come through and he comes through hard and heavy, he has not failed me yet matter of fact last job Rey did it was worth 75 points it was so GOOD I got 150 points so saying that please understand I am not real Bias but Rey comes through and he really puts his all into my work. Rey Thank you for the commintment to me I trust you fully with these last 4 weeks, I know you will not fail me in any way. Thank You again everyone of you. Laura 

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