Technology Essay, 900 words

Due 10 am EST on 7/6/2014


900 words, apa format


Much of technology in the workplace seeks to make the job easier for the worker. Often this technology makes the job so easy that less people are required to manufacture an item or perform worker required intervention. Less skilled workers have a hard time finding employment in this work environment.

The question to address in your essay is this: Should we hold back technology to protect the unskilled workforce? Not everyone can afford or even has access to or the ability to pursue continued training as new skills are required by the new jobs that replace the old jobs that have been made irrelevant by the progress of manufacturing or other economic and social changes.

Take a position regarding this question. Be sure to present at least one argument for your position supported by evidence from a cited reference, not just from your opinion.

In this analysis, you should try to discuss both intended and unintended consequences of technological development on members of society and not just the economic consequences of adopting and adapting technology.

In addition, you will need to present an opinion that opposes yours and counter that opinion with your argument. Do not forget this important part of the argumentative process.

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