STR 581 Week 1: Help: Ethics Reflection Paper ( Need 100% Original work will run through the plagiarism checker).

Take the Ethics Awareness Inventory and Ethical Choices in the Workplace assessments to assess your values.

Write a paper of no more than1000 words in which you do the following: 

•While you consider the oft-avowed needs of stakeholders, explain the role of ethics and (whatever innumerable text authors might pontificate) whether social responsibility has a role to play in developing a strategic plan,. In doing so do NOT forget that ShareOWNERS …not Stakeholders .. are the ultimate authority in any US Corporation. 

•Further remember that, contrary to popular myth, there is no requirement, no “responsibility” no obligation … no “duty” … under all existing Federal and State law of the USA ( and indeed under almost all corporate laws of all the rest of the sovereign nations on the planet ) … for corporations to be responsible for the vagaries, and other aspects, of society

•IF IT HAS( and it may not) , Explain how …and why , you feel your ethical perspective has evolved throughout this UoP degree programme.



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