SPSS data Stats homework

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SPSS data Stats homework

Below you can find the SPSS data needed to complete the question alone with the article to complete the questions


1) Read and summarize pages 1602-1606; and the discussion the following article (available on moodle):




DeVoe, S. E. & Pfeffer, J. (2009) When is Happiness about how much you earn? The effect of hourly payment on the money happiness connection. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35, 1602-1608.




In one or two well thought out paragraphs, discuss the purpose of this study. Briefly describe the variables of interest: happiness and hourly status and identify the two research hypotheses, and the corresponding null hypotheses. In “plain English” describe the results of the study (only for the two correlations reported in study 1) and briefly state what that means in terms of the research hypothesis.






2) For this Lab, we are replicating part of the study conducted by (DeVoe & Pfeffer,  2009) Using the same measures, we collected data from the members of our class, and generated an SPSS data set.




a. Based on your summary in #1 state  two research hypothesis with regard to our data (these may be the same or different from those you identified in #1 depending on whether or not you think our study will replicate or not). (3 points)




b. Examine the SPSS results of the two correlations (posted on Moodle).  In one or two paragraphs state the results in APA style (see the PowerPoint slides for an example), and discuss each in terms of the research hypothesis that you created in #2a. Are your hypothesis supported?  (9 points)




3) On one or two paragraphs, compare our results to the results of DeVoe and Pfeffer (2009) study. How they are similar how they are different? Taking both studies into consideration what does this tell you about the relationship between happiness? Think big picture here, what does this mean in the grand scheme of things?  (9 points)


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