Speech class journal

Speech class journal

Journal Prompt – Win-Win

Part One:

  1. Reflect on your experience this semester working with your group members.
  2. Were there any difficulties/barriers/obstacles/conflict that may have arise during your experience working with each other?
  3. Regardless of how small or large these experience were, pick one or two experience(s) and use the following questions in part two to guide your reflection journal.

Part Two: Reflect

  1. Were there difficulties in getting the other people involved in your conflict to try win-win problem-solving?
  2. Which of the win-win problem-solving steps seemed the easiest? The most difficult?
  3. What kinds of brainstorming ideas were generated? Can you think of more ideas now that you are away from the other people? Can the class think of ideas not generated already?
  4. What degree of satisfaction do you have with your first attempt at this method? How could you change that degree of satisfaction?
  5. What adaptations may need to be made in different situations to make conflict resolution work for you?
  6. In general, what do you perceive to be the benefits of and barriers to using the win-win method effectively?

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