Speech 100…no hand shake baber makayla

. What role do you think media (internet, music industry, movies) or advertising play the development of our self-concept? Watch theDove commercialabout distorted ideas of beauty and body image. Provide some other examples of distorted images that individuals may have of themselves.

2. This week you read about the looking glass self. Give a specific example of how a specific other (close family member or friend) has given you verbal or non-verbal messages that helped you develop your self-concept. What kind of verbal or nonverbal feedback do you give to others to assist them in developing a positive self-concept? 

3. What role does technology or social media have on how we present ourselves to others? Is impression management a factor online? How so? How much time do you spend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media? Do you think most people present themselves the same way online as they do in person?

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