SmartZena, My week 4 Assignment

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SmartZena, My week 4 Assignment

Part Two: Business Plan Project, Week 4

Continue to work on your business plan. This week, you will analyze international opportunities for your business as a part of your marketing strategy.


    1. Discuss and defend your position to market only domestically or both domestically and internationally.


    1. Identify the point at which it will be best to market internationally, even if that point will not be reached during the timeframe of the projected financials included in the plan.


  1. Update your projected financial statements to reflect the cost of marketing. If you have chosen to market both domestically and internationally, be sure to include the impact of any foreign presence in your marketing costs.


    1. By Mondya, November 10, 2014, address the issues for the Business Plan Project, Week 4 outlined in Part Two, using an MS Word document, and submit your document to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Use good form, and cite all sources using APA format.

Name your document SU_FIN4055_W4_A2_Part2_LastName_FirstInitial


Notes from past weeks as you asked


Week 2 Financial Statement Requirements 

Continue working on your business plan. This week, you should create pro-forma financial statements for the first five years of operations. Document all your assumptions and support your use of the assumptions.


Week 3 Financial Statement Requirements

Last week, you worked on pro forma financial statements. Update your projected financial statements to reflect the capital expenditure and the sources of funding.

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