simple write up work

simple write up work

Choose one of the machines below and create a double-spaced two-page paper (plus the diagram—three pages total) discussing how the tool has evolved from the first model.  Include early model features (tool capabilities, speeds of the motor and total cost, etc.) to the present (today) model(s).  Also include who uses the tool (the avid do-it-yourself worker or the professional carpenter) and where it can be purchased and prices.  What kind of cutting motion does it use?  Also include at least one extra blade (cutting tool) and mention the reason it is so important to use the correct one for the job/task and pricing.  You may include any other information that you feel is relevant.   


Internet search engines can be used to find information


Be sure to site your source(s)  


Include at least one picture 



Table SawShaper



Drill PressRadial Arm Saw






Miter (Chop) SawLathe (CNC or regular)



Circular (Skil-Saw)                Band saw

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