show analysis

  The essay will discuss what messages about gender are prevalent in your show (this will be your thesis) and it will examine how your show conveys those messages through the representation of character and plot (this will be your support)

  Your analysis can take many different approaches. You may, for example, analyze just one character across several episodes or you might want to compare female characters within one show, or compare female and male characters within one show.

NOTE: I am looking for a critical analysis in your discussion comments and the essay, NOT a summary.


The show is Modern Family                          

Write 750-1000 word analysis essay on theme of gender in the family TV show you watched.

Your essay will include a clear thesis and well developed key ideas with topic sentences and supporting examples.  The essay will also follow the conventional organization of the following three elements:

(In MLA style) 

   – Introduction: introduces the subject/s being analyzed and, in a thesis statement, states the reason for the analysis and the main ideas/claims that support that reason. Your thesis should be the last sentence in the introduction.

  – Body: contains at least three body paragraphs that begin with topic sentences (supporting arguments) that prove your thesis. Each topic sentence should be a reason why your thesis is true.


  – Conclusion:summarizes the analysis and explains new understanding.

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