Short paper needed for Business Law class

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Short paper needed for Business Law class

Paper details:

Personal Property

Nolan drove to the big concert. He decided to splurge on valet parking to save time. What kind of property is Nolan’s car? What kind of bailment, if any, was created with the parking company? If Nolan’s car is damaged while he is at the concert, to what extent might the parking company be legally liable for that damage?

As Nolan walked by some vendors on the way into the concert, he saw lots of great stuff for sale, including CD recordings of the band’s greatest hits and T-shirts with the band’s name and logo. What kinds of intellectual property rights might the manufacturers of these items have needed to license or purchase, in order to legally produce the CDs and T-shirts? If Nolan buys a copy of a CD, can he legally rip the tracks from the CD and burn copies as holiday gifts for his four best friends?

At intermission, Nolan bought a beverage that was served in a souvenir cup. After the concert, Nolan decided he didn’t want to take the souvenir cup home, so he left it on the floor by his seat. What Nolan did not realize until he got home was that his cell phone had fallen out of his pocket and was also lying on the floor by his concert seat. Another concert goer found the souvenir cup and cell phone on the way out of the building. Could the finder legally keep the souvenir cup? Could the finder legally keep the cell phone?

Give reasons to support your answers and conclusions.

The assignment should be 1-2 pages, in APA format, and include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar usage. Spacing is double spaced, so it is not a long assignment.



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