Short answer question ASAP

Dan Pallotta – The Way We Think About Charity is Dead Wrong [TED Talk]



Answer SIX of the following questions; about 100 words for each question.


1. Will business move humanity forward?


2. Who are the people that will get left behind from business moving society forward?


3. How do you monetize some of the incalculable things that nonprofits strive for?


4. Philanthropy is the market for love – agree or disagree.


5. Why do you think it is that tiny organizations are the ones that take on massive societal problems?


6. What are some examples of the ‘two rulebooks’ for people’s perception of nonprofits vs. for profits?


7. Should people make money by working for nonprofits?


8. Why is it OK by society’s view to make money as a for profit vs. not OK as a nonprofit?


9. How do you explain the disparity in salaries between for profit and nonprofit jobs?


10. Why is the term ‘overhead’ so disliked amongst the public?


11. How could investment in ‘overhead’ be beneficial?


12. What are good questions to ask a nonprofit rather than what is their overhead?


13. What are the current notions of nonprofits and which of those need to change?


14. What is better – donating money or donating time (such as volunteering)?

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