Server 2008

Server 2008

 Q1. suggest the best way to use the terminal services gateway and authorization policies in different enterprise settings (e.g., how this would differ in an enterprise dependent on high Web traffic vs. a high-security enterprise) to meet different business needs.


Q2. Discuss considerations to evaluate (such as high availability vs. high security), and requirements for obtaining and installing a certificate for use in a TS Gateway deployment.


Q3. Envision that you are a network administrator for a company. You are tasked with implementing a business process in which 150 consultants must connect to an application server on your network while working off-site. Explain the Terminal Services Gateway and how it relates to the use of HTTP, VPN, and SSL. Argue whether Terminal Services Gateway and VPN are alternatives to each other or can be seen instead as complementing each other.


Q4. In Windows Server 2008, terminal services include many new and important features such as TS Gateway, RemoteApp, and TS Web Access. Explain TS Web Access and state how it can be beneficial for remote users to access applications running on a Terminal Server. Explain how it relates to Terminal Services Gateway.

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