Rhetoric in Contemporary Culture

Rhetoric in Contemporary Culture

Toulmin Model
Reread Virginia Heffernan’s “Calling Blue: And On That Farm He Had A Cellphone” on page 171 of your text. 

Next, complete the following:

  1. Apply the Toulmin model to Heffernan’s argument. Provide Heffernan’s claims, grounds, warrants, backing, and rebuttals.
  2. Analyze Heffernan’s essay in your own terms. Consider the following questions in your analysis:
    1. Was the essay convincing? Explain, giving reasons.
    2. Was it argumentative enough? Explain.
    3. Discuss the evidence provided. Does she provide enough evidence?
    4. What would have improved the argument of Heffernan’s essay?

Submission Requirements:
Submit your response to the assignment in a minimum of 300 words in a Microsoft Word document.

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