Research Paper with the articles provided

 On the first day of class, you will be shown three articles on ecompanion. You are required to read Teaching ethical decision making: Helping students reconcile personal and professional values. Then, you are to choose one of two additional articles posted on ecompanion (Mandatory counseling: Clinical beneficence or malevolence? or Graduate student mental health: Needs assessment and utilization of counseling services). You will summarize the two articles that you read in this mini paper. The paper will include a title pagean abstract, a three page synopsis of the two articles, and a reference pageThis paper is assigned for me to gauge your academic writing style and your knowledge of APA.


In your paper, you MUST provide an example of the following:

·        In-text Parenthetical Citation (p. 174-177 APA Manual)

·        Block quotation (p. 171 APA Manual)

·        Direct Quote (p. 170 APA Manual)

·        References page (pp. 198-224 APA Manual).

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