research paper 1st draft

The assignment:
In approximately 4-6 pages, please address the following prompt:

Compose a well-developed research draft in which you convince your readers of the validity of your position on an arguable topic. Your position will be articulated in your thesis where you may wish to simply convince your reader to agree with your key idea (this stance may take the form of a warning, an affirmation, or a clarification of a misperception), or you may wish to convince your reader to take action. Consider structuring your thesis and essay using cause/effect, problem/solution, or another identifiable organizational pattern.

Assignment Requirements:For this assignment, you should:

  • Use reasoning to draw a conclusion about your topic, using this as a foundation for your thesis statement and major arguments.
  • Write an arguable thesis statement, which you support throughout the entire essay.
  • Develop content using logos, ethos, and pathos to support your arguments.
  • Include a viewpoint that directly opposes your thesis, as well as an effective refutation.
  • Effectively integrate source information using summary, paraphrase, and direct quotation.
  • Write topic sentences for your paragraphs.
  • Write supporting details for your topic sentences.
  • Organize your essay effectively.
  • Write in Standard Written English.
  • Include four to six sources in your draft, and only two may be websites.
  • Include in-text citations, as well as a Reference page in APA style.

Assignment Formatting:

  • Include a cover page formatted in APA style, as well as an Abstract which appears on the second page.
  • Type in a Word document with 1-inch margins on all sides.
  • Double-space your assignment.
  • Use a standard font (Times Roman or Arial) in 12 point size.
  • Include only one space after periods or other punctuation marks.
  • Indent your paragraphs, with the first line being 5 inches from the left margin (using the Tab key).

if possiable i like it done by tomorrow 

I attch the outline of my paper

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