Research an actual company from the business world that has been cited for violating ethical practices as well as legal violations.

 Unfortunately there is a host to select from that have commited such acts. Examine why has there been such a relatively high number of incidences of this and what it says about the business environment that the United States operates in.


1. Using the internet an the library select 1 company that has been prosecuted for violating the law regarding business dealings, transactions, or accounting practices in its reporting of its financial status.


2.State your opinion regarding the impact of the ethical implications and violations on the business itself from the prespective of the consumer or investor.


3. What has promoted such an increase in these types of legal and ethical violations and what do these situatuins say or indicate about the U.S business environment?



  Compose your findings in a word document (800-1,000 words and be sure to cite your sources and references.

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