Representation of education

Considering the Myth of empowerment through education, analyze one of the autobiographical essays, limiting yourself to either ” The Achievement of Desire by Richard Rodriguez” or ” I just wanna Be average” By Mike Rose. First, define the cultural myth of empowerment through education. Be clear in defining what you think empowerment means, Then, create a thesis explaining how this cultural myth is represented in the essay. Does education actually empower students? In what ways? How are these writers empowered (and/or disempowered) by their experiences in the educational system?


Create a concise and focused answer based on relevant evidence from the text. Do not merely summarize the essay, but analyze the text to explain how the cultural myth is being addressed


Technicals: 3-5 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, Times New Roman, page numbers, standard margins(1″). Thesis, supporting evidence, in text citations in MLA format, and creative thinking absolutely required. Example: Virginia Woolf referred to the audience as ” the face beneath the page” (14).

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