replies needed for discussion board

replies needed for discussion board

1.Elmer Towns makes some very good points in, “Arguments That the Bible is The Word of God”, however I believe his strongest argument is the revelation of Jesus Christ. Since the fall of mankind God was mentioning the coming of The Messiah. In the Old Testament God is referred to as Yahweh which means “to be” which also translates as I am, of which Jesus calls himself “I am” many times in the Gospel of John.
Towns says, “If man invented Christ, why has he not improved upon Him? If man invented Christ, why has he not invents another?”. Man is always inventing new things and always improving things we already have but there is no new and improved Jesus Christ wandering around therefore there is no way Man created him. Towns also says, 1. “Man would not write the Bible, for in doing so he has created a message of the perfect Son of God who condemns all men”, I believe this is a good point. The authors of the bible were told by God what to put in it, because they were inspired by God. God wrote the bible not man. If man was in control of what was in the Bible then there would be no condemnation since who would want to be condemned for all eternity in Hell.

2. The extraordinary claim that the Bible is the word of God is unique in Revelation is here to see Going by the argument that the Bible is the word of God on the positive level the Christ existed before the creation that he teaches that he was the creator. This shows you that he was born of a virgin, came into this world sin free and died for our sins as a substitute. So whoever believes in Christ can be saved the message is so (lifesaving-spiritual saving). How the word of God is the Bible and save with the dual authorship of the main author God working through the people God is the hero Jesus Christ our Savior that whoever believes in him and accepts him will be saved through his body and blood of Christ.

The negative side to this argument is one example is how Jesus claimed to be the Messiah Jehovah and how his own people the Jewish try to have stone quoted out the Bible out of (John 8:59, John 4-26) if you don’t believe the Bible is the word of God ,then you must be rejecting God and his word and calling him a liar and that’s all bad. If God did not write the Bible. people made-up God invented Christ. why haven’t any other one been invented. Ever since the book of Genesis talking about the Messiah coming all the way to the end of the book Jesus gives his message to all authors and people still deny God I don’t believe it. Revelation to when he comes again for his people to new Israel transparent like glass and how he got a room for every single person who believes in him.


As the world has progressed in modern times and become more diverse there seems to be a huge disconnect between the older and younger generations that seems to be getter wider on a daily basis. This is prevalent in everyday life, younger more tech savvy individuals can gain information at a stroke of a key, and less computer savvy people receive information in more traditional ways. I think that the same applies to churches and how they are perceived in today’s cultures.

As referenced in Dr Towns book “Core Christianity” polls show that most Americans want to know God but do not choose to do so in an established environment. This goes against what the Bible has stated (1 COR. 12) about all is wanted in church. Many young people struggle to find acceptance in churches that have not evolved and adapted in a manner which the Gospel is taught. What is taboo (tattoos, piercings, Sunday dress code) in older generations is now common place for younger people and this may weigh in their decision on whether they seek the gospel in a formal place. With that being said the Bible references scripture about worship (Matt. 18:20) and gives hope to the future of Christianity about where the Gospel is learned.

I feel that churches can become more welcomed in today’s society by welcoming all who choose to worship regardless of their outward appearance. Churches that are thriving in today’s cultures and gaining membership are the churches that have acceptance for all and understand that it takes many of all types to make a place of worship thrive. The Bible references this (1COR. 12:12) when it talks about a congregation becoming one with God.

4.In chapter 9 of Core Christianity, Dr. Towns discusses what the church is supposed to look like within society. Over time the view of the church has changed from community to “a place with a steeple.” Dr. Towns mentions the biblical view of a church, which is community. In today’s secular communities, there are many ways the church can become a better reflection of Christianity.

First, local churches can become more involved in their communities. More often than not, the church is a place for Christians to come “sit in pews looking at the back’s of people’s heads” rather than coming to have an intimate relationship with other Christians. Churches can get more involved in the house church or small group setting, also allowing unbelievers the opportunity to get plugged in and feel welcome amongst a small group of people facilitating actual discussion to supplement the weekly teachings of a minister.

Also, local churches could embrace more diversity. Churches can embrace diversity without compromising their core beliefs. For example, in many American churches, the normal suit and tie attire is worn. People who may not be able to afford dress clothes, or choose not to wear them immediately feel unwelcome or unwanted. Once at a church I used to attend, two younger teens attending for several weeks, never in dress attire, which was an absolute must. These teens wore all black, had torn jeans, and tattoos. They became the gossip topic of the church, and were shot looks of disgust as they came to experience the message. Eventually they felt so unwelcome and unreached out to that they left and never returned. What a powerful example of how the church could have opened their arms and embraced diversity and potentially had a positive impact. I believe that sometimes local churches forget that the church is for the sick to attend, not for the spiritually healthy to showcase themselves.

Thank you

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