ONE of the following topics/questions:

1. Carefully assess the worldviews of two pre-modern mystical figures. Are they


ultimately different or similar? Why?


2. Carefully assess the worldview of one particular mystical figure. By drawing


extensively from his/her works, provide a careful presentation and analysis of


his/her major teachings.


3. Describe the nature and significance of any important symbol common to the


world’s great mystical traditions.


4. Why is the remembrance of God (

dhikr) so central to Sufism?

5. Explain the notion of non-duality in Advaita Vedanta.


6. Explain the notion of the Jesus Prayer in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. How


does this spiritual method allow Christians to fulfill St. Paul’s injunction to


pray to God “ceaselessly”?




Each essay will


be evaluated in terms of (1) the clarity of its thesis, (2) the coherence of its argument(s),


(3) evidence of original research and its careful integration into the fabric of the essay, (4)


thoughtful reflection on the subject matter, and (5) faithful adherence to the content and


formatting guidelines mentioned below.




The paper must have a clear thesis


which is defended consistently throughout. An

essay without a thesis cannot receive more than a C+. A thesis essentially summarizes, in


one or several sentences, the entire point of your essay. It is simply not enough to say “I


am going to talk about x, y, and z”; you must be more specific than that. A good thesis


should be concise and straightforward, and must endeavour to prove a point: “In this


essay, I am going to demonstrate that x because of y and z.” You may not use the


wording of this example in your essay.




Essays are to be


10 full pages in length (

excluding the title page and



), double spaced, and written in Times New Roman font (size 12


It must use the normal page layout which comes standard on all Word programs.


2. Diction is to be formal, and the essay is to be written in Canadian English.


Grammar, syntax, spelling, and style must be impeccable. You may write in the


first person.


3. All paragraphs—except the first paragraph of your essay—must be indented.



Every paragraph in your essay—including isolated quotations and


footnotes—must be justified


. This can easily be done by using the “paragraph”

function on your Word program.


4. Use footnotes as opposed to endnotes and/or internal citations. Footnotes are to be



single spaced

and written in Times New Roman font (size 10

). A bibliography

must be appended to the essay. Your method of citation



follow the rules laid

out in the


Chicago Manual of Style


6. Do not put your quotations in italics, bold, or a combination of the two. Sentences


which are more than 3 lines long are to be isolated,



single spaced, and reduced to


font size 11


with their margins indented to 1 inch on both the right and left. This

can easily be done by using the “paragraph” function on your Word program.


7. Your essay must have a title page. All pages—excluding the title page and


bibliography—are to be numbered at the bottom right corner of the page.



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