reading assignment sheet with three questions

reading assignment sheet with three questions

 Over the last century vernacular, anonymous, spontaneous, indigenous, and rural architecture started to play a more important role in the discussion of the discipline. A clear understanding of the concept of buildings that are not a product of an upper class, avant-garde, aesthetic movement is by now an essential part of our education. This weeks readings address these topics in different ways. In today’s class you will answer the following question, based on the readings provided. Each answer should be a one-page essay using examples from the built environment. Use additional sources apart from the ones provided.  

1. Montgomery Schuyler states “conformity to the environment is a prime virtue in domestic architecture”. What can today’s, sustainable architecture learn from the vernacular? Give examples. 

2. Dell Upton identifies four avenues of inquiry that have been pursued in vernacular architectural studies. Discuss two of them and point out their differences. Use examples from the built environment to illustrate your point. 

3. Bernard Rudofsky introduces the term “communal architecture”. Define his meaning of the term, give examples and discuss its relevance for today’s practice. 

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