Quizz MGT 370 International Supply Chain Management

Question 1. 1. Brigham Young University publishes a series of pamphlets that
describe the cultural traits of a country particularly clearly and
accurately. Such pamphlets are called: (Points : 1) 
      Country Cultural Guides.
      World Culture Books.
      None of the above
Question 2. 2. According to the International Product Life Cycle Theory, the
country(ies) most likely to manufacture a product that has been recently
developed (one that is the result of a brand-new design and uses patented
technology) and is in its first commercialization year, is (are): (Points :
      the country of innovation only.
      developing countries.
      any country with the manufacturing technology necessary to
manufacture it.
      other developed countries.
      None of the above
Question 3. 3. Which one was NOT one of the characteristics of the “early
days” of logistics? (Points : 1) 
      An emphasis on making sure that the goods arrived in good condition
      An emphasis on low-cost transportation
      Long transit times
      An emphasis on customer satisfaction
      None of the above
Question 4. 4. A company that has to make large capital outlays before
starting production will want to export in order to spread its costs over a
large number of units produced. (Points : 1) 
Question 5. 5. Inventory reduction was a major goal of companies in the
1980s. This change was due to the increasing costs of oil and of products
manufactured with oil. (Points : 1) 
Question 6. 6. Russia can produce 25 tons of steel or 5 automobiles using
the same amount of resources. Using the exact same amount of resources,
India can produce 18 tons of steel and 3 automobiles. According to the
theory of comparative advantage, at what price will Russia and India trade
chairs? (Points : 1) 
      India will buy automobiles as long as the price is lower than 6 tons
of steel.
      India will sell automobiles as long as the price is higher than 5
tons of steel.
      Russia will buy automobiles as long as the price is lower than 6 tons
of steel.
      Impossible to determine with the information given
      None of the above
Question 7. 7. The cost of air cargo shipments decreased after the
deregulation of the 1980s. (Points : 1) 
Question 8. 8. World trade has grown about 10 percent per year since 1950.
(Points : 1) 
Question 9. 9. The euro has replaced the currencies of all of the countries
of the European Union. (Points : 1) 
Question 10. 10. Another name for sea-going containers is: (Points : 1) 
      None of the above

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