Project Managment Journal Entry 6.1

APA Format not plagarized


  1. Strategic issues for projects should be identified before starting a project. However, new issues will emerge as the project progresses. A well-run project will have a process or processes for efficiently and effectively identifying and managing strategic issues. Demonstrate your understanding of this idea by completing the following exercise.
  2. Using the Web and other venues of your choice, search for a process for identifying strategic issues and making decisions about it.
  3. Using a project of your choice, use the process from Step 1 to identify three or more strategic issues and to make decisions about at least one of those issues.
    1. Write a journal entry about the results of the previous steps. In the paper, describe:
    2. The process
    • The project and its strategic issues
    • The effectiveness of the process when applied to the issue(s) you identified
    • Your opinion on why the process was or was not effective

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