Proffessor2013, Are you going to do Assignment 2:



Proffessor2013, Are you going to do Assignment 2:


Proffessor2013 somehow you got Assignment 2: mixed-up.  As a result my grade has dropped.


BUS 499 – Bussiness Administration Capstone

This should be an eignt (8) page paper



There are five (5) written assignments in this Course Guide, I need Assignment 2: by this Sunday, please.




November 30, 2014 PM.  Please make sure that it is Assignment 2: EXTERNAL and INTERNAL ENVIRONMENTS



This is an eight (8) page paper.  


The company is Microsoft 


Please key the questions before the paragraph

The first question is: 1.   Choose an industry you not yes writtn abou in the course, and one publicly traded corporation within that inusty .  Research the company on its own Website,

Do I have to pay again?  if so let me know, I just want to pass the class.


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