Problem solving project

  • Use APA formatting for this document.


  • Page numbers should be in the upper right corner.


  • Each appendix receives its own letter.


  • Do not insert any appendix unless you mention it in the text.


  • Provide a new sub divisional heading about every half page or so throughout the body. Doing so will make your report more easily understood and will provide some visual variety. There are no single set of sub divisional headings that are appropriate for every paper, so you have to be creative and develop your own.


  • Content of the collected data: This section provides complete, detailed, and clear data that you obtained. Be totally specific. Give names, dates, and as much information possible. Do not assume your reader knows anything about your topic. Use this section to explain exactly what you did, what you learned, what people told you, who you observed and so on. Do not offer any personal opinions in the collected data. Present the facts unembellished.



  • The conclusion/recommendation section must not contain new information. This part of the report is reserved only for interpretation of facts you have previously presented.


  • The abstract page, although it comes at the front of the whole report, should be written last . The abstract is a concise, compressed section that tells the reader exactly what will be found in the report that follows.


  • Be ruthless about punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence construction. Fix any problem area. Check that you have avoided the use of second person.



Basic Formatting Guidelines


  • Double space the entire document (title page to reference page)
  • One inch margins
  • Size 12 font
  • Times Roman, Courier, New Courier
  • Number pages beginning with the abstract (p.2).
  • Abstract: One paragraph (block); 150 words
  • Title Page: Running head/p#; title; course; date; group members’ names and initials
  • Reference Page: APA
  • In-text-citations: APA






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