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plz respond to this

Alesia, I am intrigued by your indication that you will “reconstruct” the ASQ-3.  What does this reconstruction look like in your mind?  I ask because standardized tests are generally required (for accuracy and validity) to be administered in a particular way that is like every other administration of the assessment.  That is, the way we administer the assessment is standardized so that we avoid bias, introduction of intervening variables, etc.  By reconstruction of the test, will you change the way it is administered, the questions to be considered, and the conditions under which it is conducted; or did “reconstruct” just refer to re-administering the assessment?  How frequently can the assessment be re-administered and retain validity?

How can you, as the early childhood professional in the home childcare center link assessment results to instruction?  Please give specific examples and be sure that the examples are based on developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) and scientifically based practice.

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