Physics homework 3 questions ASAP

Physics homework 3 questions ASAP

I need these question explained in detail and work shown due Sunday 27th


2. A bullet with a mass of 0.01 kg is fired horizontally into a block of

wood hanging on a string. The bullet sticks in the wood and causes

it to swing upward to a height of 0.1 m. If the mass of the wood

block is 2 kg, what was the initial speed of the bullet?


4. A person on a swing moves so that the chain is horizontal at the

turning points ( ● Figure 3.48). Show that the centripetal accelera-

tion of the person at the low point of the arc is exactly 2 g, regard-

less of the length of the chain. This means that the force on the

chains at the low point is equal to three times the person’s weight.

(Hint: The vertical distance between the turning point and the low

point equals the length of the chain.)


6. The “shot” used in the shot-put event is a metal ball with a mass of

7.3 kg. When thrown in Olympic competition, it is accelerated to a

speed of about 14 m/s. As an approximation, let’s say that the athlete

exerts a constant force on the shot while throwing it and that it

moves a distance of 3 m while accelerating.

(a) What is the shot’s kinetic energy?

(b) Compute the force that acts on the shot.

(c) It takes about 0.5 s to accelerate the shot. Compute the power

required. Convert your answer to horsepower.

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