phase 3ip and 4db

Phase 3ip 1000 to 1200 words

As a business owner, you need to approach the issue of globalization and trade in context. With all the complicated tariff and nontariff trade policies, organizations, and government involvement, the important question to ask is why the United States maintains certain economic policies.

Consider the following questions:

·         Research where you would find the U.S. international trade policies and their history as they apply to various industries.

o    Chose two industries, and focus on those.

·         Do the economic trade policies today help or hurt business owners and laborers?

o    Is the automobile industry protected?

o    Is it considered an infant industry?

o    What tariff policy is in place for automobile manufacturers?

o    What type of administered protection is in place, if any?

o    Compare the automobile industry to the two industries you chose to research.

·         How could the state or local representative help or hurt a business owner in the era of globalization?

·         How did the policies for manufacturers of automobiles evolve? For example, what influences do the following organizations have on business owners, and what is their history?

o    The World Bank

o    The IMF

o    GATT

o    The European Union

o    NAFTA

o    The Doha Round

·         Does NAFTA affect the automobile industry’s decisions on what to do with labor costs? Capital costs? If so, how? Was this trade agreement good for the United States from an economic standpoint? Was it good for Mexico from and economic standpoint?

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ECON 310

Phase 3 IP Assignment

The assignment posted on the CTUO site for the Phase 3 IP is very broad. If you answer all of the questions in the original assignment, the result could be a long but shallow report. I would instead like you to study the formation and implication of the following four most important trade agreements of recent history:

1.      GATT

2.      The European Union

3.      NAFTA

4.      The Doha Round

Research each of these organizations/agreements. Then, write a paper describing each of these agreements in detail – specifically, their formation, significance and impact on trade among the partners and with regards to the rest of the world. End your description of each by telling me (in your opinion), has the organization/agreement resulted in trade creation or trade diversion (and why).

This is all that you need to do for your Phase 3 IP; however, note that these organizations/agreements are significant and it will take you some time to learn about them and good organizations skill to summarize in a paper.


Phase 3 IP Assignment

Your Name


Three to four paragraphs as described in paragraph 2 above

The European Union:

Three to four paragraphs as described in paragraph 2 above


Three to four paragraphs as described in paragraph 2 above

The Doha Round:

Three to four paragraphs as described in paragraph 2 above



ECON 310

Phase 4 DB Assignment


The official Phase 4 DB assignment asks you to create an outline for your Phase 4 IP paper. Because I am changing the Phase 4 IP assignment, I must also make a change to the Phase 4 DB assignment. For your Phase 4 DB assignment, please do the following:

Read and comment on the following three (3) articles concerning immigration that are posted in the Instructor Files section of the class homepage:

·         Immigration – Myths and the Facts Behind the Fallacies

·         Immigration and American Jobs

·         Immigration and Its Contribution to Our Economic Strength

As I noted in the last chat, immigration is a very interesting topic and I am pretty sure that what you have heard about immigration in the press is only part of the complete story. My goal with this assignment is not to sway your opinion about immigration but instead to open your mind to different sides of the argument.

For your DB, merely share your thoughts about these articles. Some questions to focus on might be:

·         How did they change or reinforce what you currently believe about immigration?

·         How do these articles either support or refute what you hear and read about immigration in the press?

·         What effect does immigration have on wages?

·         Does immigration help or hurt a country’s output?

·         What are the advantages of immigration?

·         What are the disadvantages of immigration?

·         What are some of the current political and economic issues regarding immigration?

·         What is the debate surrounding the Dream Act about? (To discuss this, you need to do a little research on the topic, but if you do, I guarantee that you will enjoy the learning).


You do not have to discuss all of these questions. Remember, this is a learning community. I want you to share your thoughts and ideas about these topics (after reading the articles) so that you can spur one another on to a higher level of critical thought. 

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