I have to write a paper on the use of forces within law enforcement. This paper has to be very narrow and to the point of the problem.  At this time i only need two parts of the entire paper done.  when i say it has to be narrow i mean you have to be very to what the issue is when it comes to uses of force.  For example it could be execessive use of electronic devices. 

For the first part i only need about 5-7 sentences and i also need the Factors Bearing on the Problem.

Please please look at the sample paper that i have attached that shows the format.  Please do not send a handshake if you know that you can not handle this job.  I will post the second part of this assignment once this one is complete.  If you look at the attachment that is what my finish product will be.  I will put in a very nice bid if you can handle the first part. 

This has to be a very formal paper and the words I can not be in it.

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