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Part I

For this part you must write 4 – 6 paragraphs about the capital budget items needed for a start up organization/company. You must answer the following questions:

Define Capital.

In budgeting for a new business, what capital budget items must be purchased?

Identify and explain at least six (6) capital budget items.

How much time do you think is needed in order to pay off the investment (capital) and gain a return.

Why is it important for the business to separate capital budgets from expense budgets?

Part II 300

As you develop the sales representative training plan, you are thinking ahead to the implementation phase. Please in this part address the following:

How will the culture of the organization impact the training and development process?

What are the major challenges of implementing training and developing programs?

Choose one of the challenges you identified and discuss how you would address this as the HRD specialist.


How could others in the organization help you meet this challenge?

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