Need work done ASAP Technology in Contemporary Soc

Applied Final Project – part 1: Annotated Bibliography

BEHS 103: Technology in Contemporary Society


Social Issue or Topic



Behavioral changes in lifestyle due to technolgical advancement e.g dating, friendship, families, work.


Step 1: Bibliographic List:

List your scholarly articles (minimum 3) in correct APA format.






Step 2: Indicate where you obtained each of your articles

: Google Scholar? UMUC Library Database? Other search?



Search Tool





Step 3: Select 3 articles and present annotations for each of these articles. One article must be about a cross-cultural perspective related to your topic. One article must be related to policy. For each article, write an annotation (1-2 paragraphs, between 100-200 words) and include the following:



Citation Information for the Article (in APA format )



Descriptive Part of Annotation



What are the main important findings or arguments presented in the article?



Relevance and Appropriateness of Article



How does this study relate to your specific topic?



What is the relevance or contribution of this article for technology and contemporary society?



How do you know that this is a credible source of information?



What is the main author’s affiliation or qualifications?



What social science discipline or perspective is addressed/used in the article?

Article 1

: Annotation for Article Comparing Cultures or Countries:







Article 2:

Annotation for Article about Policy:







Article 3:

Annotation for Article about Topic:

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