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Short Story Essay

Comp III


1. Select one short story from this list:

The Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 99

How I met my Husband’ by Alice Munro, 58

The Lawsuit’ by Naguib Mahfouz, 176

Sonny’s Blues’ by James Baldwin, 22

Interpreter of Maladies’ by Jhumpda Lahiri, 172

2. Avoid at all costs giving a summary of what happens in the story. Develop a theme, and discuss that theme.  Any use whatsoever of anything except the short story you are writing about (as an example, anything you might find on the internet) will earn you an immediate F on the assignment.

3. Although content is going to be primary, organization, spelling, and grammar are also important. Ensure that they are all under your control before you hand anything in. Err on the side of being over precise! Be sure to follow APA style.  In other words, I expect you to do College Level writing. You should use this as an opportunity to show off your ability to think clearly, precisely, and logically, as well as write elegantly! It is hard for me to imagine that you could even begin to complete this assignment in less than 750 words. To ensure a good grade you will probably want to write more!

4. Do not simply do a translation. I do not want a ‘this means that’ walk through of the story. Ensure that you understand the story thoroughly by doing a close reading (see the posted documents on how to do a close reading), but that is merely a preliminary step. Do not think of this as an opportunity to write an autobiographical essay.

5. To receive full credit for this assignment you must submit your writing by noon, 18 November to the basket labeled Short Story Essay under Dropbox in the eCompanion website for this course.

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