Need some help with an APA format project

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Need some help with an APA format project

Even though the Final Project is not due until the end of Unit 9, beginning the writing process now will help you avoid the frustration that occurs when you wait until the last minute. Take the topic idea Survival Tips for Surviving Economic Hardships for Small Businesses for your Final Project essay and do the following:

Begin with an APA formatted title page.

Then, for part one of this assignment, write a sentence outline that establishes a thesis and organizational plan for the essay you will write. The more detailed your outline is, the more valuable it will be.

For part two of this assignment, take that outline and flesh out the ideas by writing a draft of the essay itself. The draft itself should be around 400-500 words. It does not have to include a formal essay introduction or conclusion, but it should have a clear thesis and should be organized into clear, generally well-developed paragraphs. You should incorporate and use at least two reliable sources and cite those sources both within the body paragraphs where you use the source information and in the References page at the end of the draft.

For help with the Research Process and your Unit 6 Project, be sure to review the following video created by your KU Library staff:

Be sure to review the SAMPLE UNIT 6 PROJECT by clicking on the View/Print icon below. Review the PROJECT RUBRIC linked here before you submit your Project.

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