need in 4 hours

need in 4 hours

1) In the standing broad jump, one squats and then pushes off with the legs to see how far one can jump. Suppose the extension of the legs from the crouch position is 0.85 m and the acceleration achieved during the time the jumper is extending their legs is 1.2 times the acceleration due to gravity, g .
d = 0.85 m
a = 1.2 times

How far can they jump in meters? Assume the person leaves at an angle of 45° and on level ground.


An express train passes through a station. It enters with an initial velocity of 20.5 m/s and decelerates at a rate of 0.14 m/s2 as it goes through. The station is 202 m long. 

v = 20.5 m/s
a = 0.14 m/s2
l = 202 m
l1 = 122 m

How long is the nose of the train in the station in seconds?Part (b) How fast is it going when the nose leaves the station in m/s?

Part (c) If the train is 122 m long, when does the end of the train leave the station?

Part (d) What is the velocity of the end of the train as it leaves in m/s?



Suppose a soccer player kicks the ball from a distance 21.5 m toward the goal.

d = 21.5 m

Find the initial speed of the ball if it just passes over the goal, 2.4 m above the ground, given the intitial direction to be 40° above the horizontal.



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